Home Automation

Programming home automation is our specialty.  When I get home and disarm the security system, the kitchen lights turn on, Pandora begins playing throughout the house (Blackmill Radio is my current fav), the Family Room TV turns on (Muted) and tunes to ESPN, the A/C cools down to 71 degrees, and the door locks behind me a few minutes later.  At night when I'm in bed, I say "Echo, goodnight" and all of the lights in the house turn off, all TVs and audio zones turn off, my security system arms in stay mode, all of my doors lock, and my A/C turns down to an even cooler 68 degrees.  If our automation "Brain" can control it, we can automate it.  Here's a short list of what we can control, all from your phone, tablet, or remote control.

What we control (By the power of Grayskull)

  • All TVs in the house, media rooms, surround sound systems.  Control your Apple TV, cable box, etc.
  • Audio throughout the house (Spotify, Pandora, Apple Airplay, etc are supported).  No more volume controls on the wall, just use your phone.
  • Security system; Arm, disarm, check if doors/ windows are opened, see the history and exact times when they are opened.
  • View cameras and recordings.  See a thumbnail list of all visitors, click one to see the recorded video of their arrival.
  • Door locks; Lock, unlock, set user codes, see history of when doors are opened.
  • Thermostats; change temperature settings, set schedules, program thermostats to automatically change when you leave/ arrive.
  • Lighting; Dim lights, change the color of your LEDs, turn lights/ ceiling fans on or off, set schedules.  My front porch light turns on at sunset, then goes off at midnight.

Factory trained and certified programming

  • Savant
  • Control4
  • Elan
  • Lutron
  • Universal Remote
  • Clare Controls
We do the nerdy stuff... so you don't have to.

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