I'm guessing the internet is slightly important to you?  Let us make your internet and Wi-fi fast as #&%@#$!.  If you're still using the crappy modem/ router that AT&T gave you, man are you in for a surprise.  This is probably the most important and impactful service we provide, even though it's not flashy or exciting.

Let's speed up your Wi-fi!

  • We setup networks from the ground up giving you the most reliable and stable network possible.
  • How about Wi-fi download speeds around 650 Mbps?  Get ready for 1GB download speeds with a wired connection.
  • Parental controls will allow you to auto-shutdown the Wi-fi at a predetermined time every day.  This can be done per user, so the kids get cut-off but parents are good to go.
  • Remote monitoring tools allow us to check on and service your network remotely.  We'll probably know you have an internet outage before you do, and we have the tools to troubleshoot and resolve problems remotely.
  • Are you an online gamer and getting beat because of a laggy connection?  No excuses after we're done!
We do the nerdy stuff... so you don't have to.

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