Nerdy Stuff

AV Nerd is an audio/video and home automation company by trade, but we do so many other nerdy activities!  We provide consulting services for anyone seeking a second opinion about their technical needs.  Maybe you have multiple competing A/V bids from different companies and you'd like an industry expert to look them over, giving you an unbiased opinion?  We can also be your nerdy concierge, steering you in the right direction, helping you setup your new smart phone or laptop, etc.

Some of our other nerdy skills

  • Technical consulting and concierge services.
  • Custom computer and server building, computer setup and instruction.  Gaming PC building.
  • Smart phone setup and training.
  • Old school arcade restoration (Yes I'm referring to games like Street Fighter 2 and Pac-Man).
  • Small business technical support including setting up computer terminals, websites, e-mail, printers, etc.
  • Other nerdy stuff.
We do the nerdy stuff... so you don't have to.

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