Unique Audio / Video Installations

Did you come up with a crazy media room design?  Maybe you want a video wall with 4 TVs and another TV on the ceiling?  After hearing that your project can't be installed by some other A/V company, contact the nerds.  Our specialty is weird and awesome.

Nerdy things we do

  • Media Room installations that'll shake your walls.  You'll want to see that Marvel movie at home because Cinemark's picture and sound aren't quite good enough.
  • Listen to music throughout your home.  I'll hide the speakers in the ceiling... and no need for volume controls on the wall.  Just use your phone or your voice to control it.
  • I'll mount your TV on the wall and hide the wiring (Boring), or mount it on a brick wall with LEDs glowing behind it (Not boring).
  • You're the guy with a record collection that actually listens to records... not a hipster doofus showing off to his friends.  Let us install a 2 channel speaker system with vacuum tube amps.  And OK, you'll probably be showing it off to your friends too, but its different!
  • You want your back patio sound system to wake the dead and/ or beat the crap out of your neighbors system?  No worries, we got your covered!
We do the nerdy stuff... so you don't have to.

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